Doja “Say So” Cat’s album came out this past weekend, and glory be, we are back in an era where people are throwing parties for such milestones. Accordingly, Doja Cat appears to have dressed as a celebration, complete with wearable streamers. We are currently in travel-mandated quarantine in Canada and so I had to make a Happy Birthday banner for the Beans by tying together a bunch of masks we’d long since decided we didn’t like wearing, so I can doff my cap to how DIY a lot of this looks. At least it’s festive? And on-theme. Which is more than I can say for her famous pals — in order, Saweetie, Chloe Bailey, Ryan Destiny, and Normani –who showed up for her:

Doja Cat 'Planet Her' Album Release Party, Goya Studios Sound Stage, Los Angeles, California, USA - 24 Jun 2021

At LEAST one of them may have believed it to be a pool party.

[Photo: Getty]