Kimberly Kardashian was at a Time 100 panel discussion to talk about her work in criminal-justice reform, and how she’s studied to become a lawyer. I know people have a lot of Feelings about her avowed desire to practice law, and the path she chose to take to do it. Mine boil down to: Great! Why not? Go for it, Kimothy. If it was my actual real-life friend taking the baby bar and trying to educate themself in this arena, I’d be delighted for them. I love it when anyone decides they want to dedicate themselves to something new, or go back to school, or redefine who they are. And when it’s somebody who’s generationally rich, and could sit comfortably in Calabasas for the rest of her life and make shapewear and infinite seasons of her reality show and do nothing else, ever, well, it warms the cold dead corners of my heart that she’s adding to her plate in a way that might have actual meaning for people that need it. Do I think she’s going to chuck it all and become a full-time attorney, as the clickbait headline at People suggests? Probably not, given that she’s also dipping a toe into acting via American Horror Story. So she’s trying out a lot of things. But Kim is somebody people disparaged for years for not having what looks like a traditional job, and her ambition in this regard was a refreshing surprise. The baby bar is a real thing in California, and the fact that she failed three times and came back for a fourth — and passed — suggests it’s something she really does want. So! Good luck to her. If she can actually get shit done in this country, it would be a nice plot twist indeed.

Having said that, Kim is always gonna Kim, so she’s wearing something hideous, constrictive, and confusing, to the point where I’m unsure whether or not I’m looking at crotch sweat. The eventual Kimberly Noel Kardashian School of Justice at USC, or whatever, is going to have quite the dress code. And probably a mandatory Instagram wall.

[Photo: Craig Barritt/Getty Images]