Did you miss our coverage of  the first part of this day? YOU MUSTN’T! (I mean, if you must, you must, but if you choose not to, you can catch up here.) Tonight’s Evening Events For Them/Morning Parts For Me are as follows: “J.R. forces his associates to go bankrupt, double-crosses Cliff and causes Pam and Bobby to move out.” Oh, wait. I’m sorry. That’s the episode description for the season three finale of Dallas. Please bear with me…yes. Yes, here we go. Harry and Meghan  attended “a Reception hosted by the Prime Minister at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. This reception [included] cultural performances and entertainment by members of the Pasifika community living in Auckland. The guests will be predominantly young people in the 17 to 25-year age group who are making significant contributions to the wellbeing of their communities, representing the future of New Zealand.”  Well. That is nicer than what J.R. was up to, certainly. The museum also looks FANTASTIC. (You know how much I love a museum.)

Let’s talk about outfits! Harry is wearing a bedazzled Elvis jumpsuit with shower shoes, and Meghan is sporting another navy dress. Although it feels super similar to this earlier frock, I will say that I think this is my favorite of the many navy dresses she has worn this tour — and it also answers a long-held question of mine, namely, what does that dress she wore to polo that first time actually look like? First this burning query addressed, what next? Maybe Kate will wear her green Suzannah dress that I’ve wanted to get a real look at for like YEARS to her next engagement. Maybe we’ll all find out what happened to the Princes in the Tower! Who knows?

Here’s everyone’s arrival:

We got very few tweets from inside this event, but the boss was on the scene with a montage:

[Photos: Dominic Lipinski/PA Images/INSTARimages.com, Doug Peters/PA Images/INSTARimages.com,  Ian Vogler/PA Images/INSTARimages.com]