Priyanka Chopra is going full steam ahead with the wedding prep, so this thing with Nick Jonas might actually happen. For her bridal shower, which naturally took place at Tiffany (her whole relationship seems to be sponsored by them, as Nick apparently closed the store so she could pick her ring), Priyanka went in a curious direction: It’s predictably bridal but surprisingly Marchesa. To me, Marchesa — funded as it was by Harvey Weinstein, a creep whose marriage is allegedly in tatters — is not currently synonymous with happily ever after. Or even just happiness. Or “ever.” It’s been interesting to me to see which celebs are willing to crawl out on that limb. It’s a relatively technically adept dress — the top and feathers seem like a slightly creamier shade than the base, so it makes it look vaguely aged or dirty, at times, and the blush shoes don’t help — but it’s also not necessarily a dress I would plant my flag on that particular hill for, you know? It’s also hella formal for a bridal shower, but then again, she IS at a jewelry store. Maybe the dress code was Regal Wedding (a.k.a., fancy as a Sussex shindig, but no hats).

This suit perks things right up:

Priyanka Chopra out and about, New York, USA - 29 Oct 2018

I enjoy the hell out of that possibly more than I have anything Priyanka Chopra has ever worn. It is LOUD and it is VIBRANT, and she’s in some  kind of shiny purple textured shoes with it… She’s a Vegas hotel carpet in human form, sans the cigarette smell and stains, and it WORKS, dammit. I am cheered.

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