Please note, at the moment I do not have pictures of her — I’m not sure I’ll get them, but I am working on it! — but it seemed IMPERATIVE that we discuss the fact that, as predicted BY ME (and also by events in The Royal We), Meghan Markle has made her first semi-official appearance as Harry’s girlfriend at polo today.  That link goes to The Telegraph, and you can see that Meghan looks FAB in a navy dress, white blazer, cute shoes, and a POLKA DOT CLUTCH BE STILL MY HEART.

You can kind of see her outfit here. It’s GOOD:


a) I think they’re already privately engaged.

b) I suspect Meghan may actually be attending Pippa’s wedding for real and the story about her only coming to the reception is to throw off the press. (Although given that Kate and the kids are going, the press is going to be out en masse anyway. We’ll see, come May 20th. Heather joked the other day that maybe they’re going to smuggle her in past the photogs in the florist’s van.)

c) This is very exciting!

DISCUSS. (I have to run out of the house now for a social engagement of my own, but if we do get proper pics of her, I will make sure to update this post.)

[Photo: Getty Images]