This is technically a very well-shot and eye-catching photo, and I love the pink hair and the chain mail top. But I feel like every time I see of a photo of her lately, including this one, she seems a bit…sad? I interviewed Hailey once at Fashion Week, VERY briefly, and she’s very charming and charismatic in person (in a way that I don’t think always translates to photos, although she’s obviously very beautiful), and she was quite vivacious; it’s possible she just has Resting Sad Face in photos, or, like everyone else, maybe after god even knows how many years of….ALL THIS….she is sort of sad?  (Also I sort of wonder if Celebrities Looking Vaguely Sad is the new trend for covers. Maybe the people who are putting these magazines out are ALSO sad and can’t relate to Very Smiley Cover Shots right now? Someone will write a dissertation on this in like 2049.)

Anyway, Potential Resting Sad Face aside, the title of the profile is so good: Hailey Bieber Knows You’re Sick of Celebrity Beauty Brands. We’re only allowed to excerpt 100 words, and these were the ones I chose:

“I think that as a team, we are going into it knowing that people are tired of seeing brand after brand after brand from different people and faces and celebrities,” Bieber says. “I definitely have had my fears, for sure, because the market is so busy and so saturated. And I’ve had to, obviously, have the confidence in myself and in our brand to really feel it’s going to be something refreshing and different.”

TBD, I guess. Certainly a lot of celebs have beauty brands, and some are Fenty and some are not. The piece indicates that Hailey is mostly focused on moisturizing and hydration — hence, perhaps, her wet hair on the cover! Aha! — and it IS true that wetness is the essence of beauty. So carry on.

Allure’s May 2022 issue is available on newsstands nationwide April 19th.

[Cover: Zoey Grossman//Allure Writer: Darian Symoné Harvin; Photographer: Zoey Grossman; Stylist: Coco Cassibba; Hair: Bryce Scarlett; Makeup: Kali Kennedy; Production: Crawford & Co. Cover Fashion Credits: Burberry top.]