First and foremost! The Emmys are this Sunday! Please join us as we live-blog the red carpet for Vulture, beginning at 3pm PST/6pm EST. We’ll be sure to post the direct link to the live-blog here on Sunday, as well as on our Twitter and our Facebook accounts. Join us at any variety of social media hoo-ha you so desire. And, of course, come back Monday morning for ENDLESS EMMY COVERAGE. While you wait for all that to kick off, please enjoy the following:

– It turns out that whenever I read any interview with Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker, I hear NFPNB’s accent in my head. Thanks, multiple years of ANTM! Also, it seems Nigel has a drink named after him. (NY Mag)

– Eater took a look at the history of Benihana, as inspired by its appearance on last week’s episode of Mad Men. It’s really interesting and also makes me pretty sure I need more tiki mugs. (Eater)

The high spirits of those trapped miners in Chile are kind of inspiring. Like, they can organize their LITERAL man cave, and I can’t even straighten up my office? Dudes. When you get out, come visit. Also: Please get out. Somebody, get them out. (AP via Yahoo)
– I love when Movieline dips into its vault. Today, it highlights its 1993 issues, including Christina Ricci as a 13-year old making gummi bear murals on movie theater walls, and Sharon Stone talking about studio security refusing to believe she was Sharon Stone. Like she could be anyone else. (Movieline)
– Check out 10 characters from the ’90s who Flavorwire believe would be fashionable today — if only to see how Will Smith seriously hasn’t aged in the last twenty years. Does he have a rapidly decaying portrait in an attic somewhere? And does Carlton know about this? (Flavorwire)

– This whole Lady Gaga Has A Male Alter-ego Who Is an Italian Mechanic (no, seriously) is a bit perplexing. More perplexing is my desire to fix him up with Sasha Fierce. (Celebitchy)

– Holy cats. I thought the traffic snarls we get here in Los Angeles are bad. But there’s a traffic jam in China that has just entered DAY TEN. And apparently, no one has killed anyone yet. I would….have abandoned my car and left. In order to avoid said murder spree. (NPR)

– Are you, in fact, ready for some football? At the very least, are you ready to watch a bunch of dudes running around in tight pants? It may not surprise you to hear that Heather and I have some dearly held thoughts about which colors are most flattering in football pants. Basically, white ones are PROBLEMATIC. While you’re reflecting on this profound truism, check out some NFL eye candy. (Glo)

– I’m totally buying Heather some Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington dolls. Wait until they meet her Karl Lagerfeld finger puppet. IT WILL BE ON! (Refinery 29)

– Sometimes you just want to look at pictures of Intern George on a bike. My prediction is that, as he’s been with Current Brunette for about a year, and he’s presumably about to take her with him to the Emmys, they’re also about done. I feel like that’s his MO with that ladies, right?  (Lainey Gossip)

– If we can leave you with one thought for the weekend, it’s this: please don’t pack your baby tiger in your checked baggage. (The Telegraph)