I WISH I were clairvoyant…although Heather DID predict that Bristol Palin would be asked to appear on Dancing With the Stars, so I think she at least may be. I’m going to make her tell me the Lotto numbers for this weekend the next time I see her. At any rate, this week for Lemondrop, we predicted who’s going to look awesome at the Emmys on Sunday, and who’s going to whiff it:

“While we love Peggy Olsen on “Mad Men,” her real-life alter ego Moss has
the unfortunate habit of dressing like she is a prematurely dowdy
monarch late for her own coronation. But this time we’re desperate for
her to pull out something deeply fierce: She’s nominated and she just
broke up with SNL’s Fred Armisen after less than a year of marriage (and
his new castmate girlfriend is 23). What better place to make your ex
eat his heart out over your awesome, successful hotness than the red
carpet at the Emmys?”

Also known as Pulling the Witherspoon. But do we think she’s going pull if off, or not? Check out the rest of the column to find out.