Lemonfugs.com: Last-Minute Halloween Ideas

Oct 29, 2010 by Heather at 1:25 PM
Sometimes we don't realize Halloween is here until it is upon us, and we've got hours to spare before we're… Read More »

Lemonfugs.com: The Fug Girls’ Random Rom-Com Generator

Oct 12, 2010 by Heather at 8:30 AM
For some reason, everything about the marketing for Life As We Know It -- up to and including using Solsbury… Read More »

Lemonfugs.com: Match the Celeb to the Dream Dress

Oct 1, 2010 by Heather at 1:30 PM
When we got back from Fashion Week, we got to daydreaming about some of the gowns we'd seen, wondering which… Read More »

Lemondrop.com: The Emmy Fog Has Lifted — The Fug Girls Tally the Final Score

Sep 3, 2010 by Jessica at 3:00 PM
Last week for Lemondrop, we predicted who would look awesome, and who would...you know. Not. This week? We see how… Read More »

Lemondrop.com: Emmy Fashion Predictions From the Clairvoyant Fug Girls

Aug 27, 2010 by Jessica at 2:00 PM
I WISH I were clairvoyant...although Heather DID predict that Bristol Palin would be asked to appear on Dancing With the… Read More »

Lemonfugs.com: Advice for Levi Johnston

Aug 17, 2010 by Heather at 8:00 AM
In our current line of work, it seems like we've become well-versed in the behavior of the fame-whore. As such,… Read More »

Lemonfugs.com: Professions That Deserve Their Own Shows

Jul 30, 2010 by Heather at 1:30 PM
Project Runway is back, but... admit it: Aren't you maybe a little bored of all that? Surely there are some… Read More »

Lemonfugs.com: Five Things We Shouldn’t Have To Tell You (But Will Anyway)

Jul 16, 2010 by Heather at 1:30 PM
I don't know what it is about celebrities that force us to go all Ron Obvious on them, but seriously,… Read More »

Lemonfugs.com: Kristen Stewart

Jul 2, 2010 by Heather at 1:30 PM
For anyone who thinks we can't say a nice word about La Stewart, think again: For Lemondrop.com, we said a… Read More »

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