Happy November! Hope you’re not too hungover from last night’s candy and/or booze. (If you missed any Celebrity Halloween Shenanigans, we did a big round-up here.) And congrats, Nationals fans!

Do you need some festive shoes? You probably do.

We all shared what we’re currently evangelizing.

At ESPN: First comes the NLDS, then comes … a baby? Inside Daniel Hudson’s life-altering weekend

She is so incredibly brave. Via Glamour: Chanel Miller Is Done Being Emily Doe

This was excellent, at Vice: I Accidentally Uncovered a Nationwide Scam on Airbnb

At the Washington Post: Sexy witch. Sexy nurse. Sexy Mr. Rogers? Inside the sexy Halloween costume industrial complex.

I love it when Lainey gets deep into Hollywood nitty-gritty and logistics, like this look at all the….stuff that’s happened around Game of Thrones this week.

At HuffPo: Deadspin’s Public Execution Reveals A Media Industry Dying From The Inside

Great, at The New Yorker: Jenny Slate’s Netflix Special Is All About the Joy of Getting Dressed

Over at Celebitchy: I don’t know if I think this child’s career is going to pan out like CZJ seems to want it to: Catherine Zeta-Jones & Carys Douglas did an awkward Fendi ad campaign

At Vulture: Disney Is Quietly Placing Classic Fox Movies Into Its Vault, and That’s Worrying

Speaking of hangovers, this is excellent at Eater: When Did America Turn on the Appletini?

At Vanity Fair: Ten Years Ago, I Called Out David Letterman. This Month, We Sat Down to Talk.

I’m feeling all of these, at Girls of a Certain Age: 18 chic little overcoats and topcoats