About six months ago, we had a chat about this very topic: What are you super into right now, and trying to get other people into, too? The parameters were wide: Dry shampoos! TV shows! Slow cooker recipes! Old books! And it was fun. And it seemed, six months later, like time for a revisit. What are you into now?  You know that thing that your friends are sick of hearing you yap on about? Yap on about it to US.

(For me, right now, it’s the Hulu show Harlots, which I JUST started and I’m almost done with. It is, essentially, the tale of two rival London madams — or “bawds,” in the show’s terminology — and if ever a show passed the Bechtel Test it is this one. It is CHOCKABLOCK with juicy roles for women, and also it’s soapy af — people get stabbed a lot on this show, plus obviously there’s a plethora of boning, although very little romantic love compared to a traditional soap. There are also heaving bosoms, great costumes, an obsession with revenge on the part of basically every single character, a weird maybe-cult, excellent performances, wigs, Lesley Manville being awful to 99 out of 100 people, and if you sometimes feel like you hate a large percentage of but not all men…well, so does this show.)