So, you know how we keep talking about how the twist is this movie HAS to be that, last Christmas, he literally gave her his heart? (Or I suppose it might end with her giving him HER heart at the end, but the trailer clearly notes that SHE is the person who was sick in the previous year.) All I know is that a bunch of Instagrammers that I follow were invited to a screening of this and ALL of them were like, “Henry Golding is SO HOT and also I SOBBED MY EYES OUT AT THIS MOVIE” so I assume we’re all on the right track.¬† Also Henry Golding IS so hot, although I kind of wish he’d done more of a Shades of Grey rather than an All The Same Grey thing with his outfit here.

And no matter how the movie shakes out, this dress is VERY good on her:

'Last Christmas' film premiere, Arrivals, New York, USA - 29 Oct 2019

It’s shiny! It’s purple! Who could complain?

EDITED: There are spoilers about this movie’s plot in the comments so if you care, don’t read them!

[Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock]