(a) This IS cozy?

(b) She looks like a bombshell in this…even though it’s like two cardigans taped together and belted?

(c) obvs I hate these shoes.

(d) Maybe we DID want to know the answer to “Wine Cardigan But Make It Fashion”?

(e) We’ve discussed this before, but Henry Golding is fully the ghost of a hot dude whose heart she got in a heart transplant who is now haunting her to make sure she uses it well in this movie, right? (Last Christmas, he GAVE HER HIS HEART.)

Just look:

For sure that character is dead. As we’ve ALSO discussed before, there is literally NO REASON not to just make a movie of THIS:

IT’S ALL THERE. Hair! Meaningful pins! Unrequited love! Your best friend, dating your ex! The mystery of why that cabin doesn’t seem to have a gate on its fence! Awkward dinners! THAT’S YOUR MOVIE. IT’S RIGHT THERE.

PS: Regular readers of GFY are aware that we traditionally always kick off the holiday break with a ritual viewing of this video. I regret to inform you that we still all have to work tomorrow.

[Photo: Photo by Jörg Carstensen/picture alliance via Getty Images]