What a world, what a world, to quote the current US Poet Laureate, the Witched Witch of the West. Hope you’re doing okay.

Some chats that you might find of interest:

Do you want to buy a spring dress in the hopes we’ll get to wear some outside one day? Behold!

Also: Menu Planning Tips

Your Best Travel Story (this one had GREAT comments if you need to be diverted from THESE TIMES.)

And this conversation about the best online material from museums right now

Also, The Royal We is now out in mass market paperback!

And elsewhere:

I wonder if People is going to run more of these sorts of stories, now that we’ve got less celebrity news — and it’s worth noting that People has a LONG history of true crime coverage: Oregon Romance Novelist Allegedly Killed Husband for $1M Insurance Policy. 

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At the Daily Beast: The Eccentric History of Ralph Lauren’s Flagship Mansion

This is an interesting piece on Lainey about gossip leaks from inside celebrity camps (it’s pinned to Gigi Hadid’s pregnancy, but it’s more over-arching).

Also at Lainey, I laughed at this headline: Celebrity Quarantine Face Panic. I bet some of them are panicking!

At Slate, this is a great (and fascinating) piece about a young, female letter-writer during the 1918 flu epidemic.

If you missed it, a week or so ago, TLo had this great piece on Vintage ’70s and ’80s Men’s Underwear Ads

At Teen Vogue: Costume Designer Shiona Turini on Insecure, Issa Rae and Black Fashion Designers. I follow Shiona Turini on Instagram, and every Monday, she has a story with inside info about the previous evening’s episode’s wardrobe and cool behind the scenes stuff; it’s always really illuminating and logistics-y.

The NYT asks: What Do Famous People’s Bookshelves Reveal?

At the Mary Sue: I’m Afraid of This Live-Action Hercules Disney Is Apparently Working On. Me too!

The Guardian brings us this amazing headline: Japanese aquarium urges public to video-chat eels who are forgetting humans exist

At ESPN: Happy 59th! Or is it 58th? Cracking the mystery of Don Mattingly’s birthday

Over at Girls of a Certain Age, Kim rounded up the new Marimekko/Uniglo collection.

Apparently, Jake Gyllenhaal also is obsessed with sourdough right now. [Socialite Life]

At The Stripe, Grace rounded up some cute face masks, because that’s the world right now, and I confess I bought the one with the lips, in the hopes that it might cheer me up.

Finally, this is the logistics story I NEED, at Vulture: How the Remote Sondheim 90th-Birthday Concert Came Together (an Hour or So Late)

And, related, the inaugural meeting of Drinks With Broads: