So, in These Times, it seems like menu-planning is probably more useful than ever — we can’t really run out to the store to pick up a thing of cream, we’re all trying to shop smart, and it’s harder to get take-out than it used to be (although I’m still doing occasional contactless pick-up from my favorite local places, because I want them to stay in business!). I am personally not a menu-planner. I live alone and don’t have kids to feed, which means that in the past, I could really just wander over to the fridge at dinner and vaguely eyeball whatever. Ergo, I have NO idea what I am doing now, when I need to plan what I’m going to eat for like three weeks in a row. I mean, I can and have done the “I’m going to make a giant pot of beans and that will be useful,” thing, and the “I’m making lasagne!!” thing, but I’ve also eaten a lot of yogurt and sandwiches because by the time it’s like 6 p.m, I am just…too tired to deal. (Which is fine! I will live! But I…could be doing better at this.) In short: I deeply envy you folks who plan out your whole meals for like two weeks, and take into account leftovers and whatnot, and I need your tips and tricks here!

(While we are on the subject, coincidentally, Melissa Joulwan of Well Fed emailed us the other day to let us know that her 28 Day meal plan is free for the moment, because we’re all fed up [no pun intended] with trying to figure out how to feed ourselves, and she thought Fug Nation might find it helpful. This is not sponsored in any way, btw — Mel is a Fug National and a friend. Please ALWAYS feel free to share your Possibly Useful Service with us!)