So, lately, a lot of you have been writing in with chat suggestions and (a) they are so good!  and (b) they are so appreciated by me, in this time of Inside Brain Fog! One of said Great Suggestions was this one: What’s your best travel story? (Remember travelling?) Did you fall in love with your gorgeous Italian tour guide and end up in a tumultuous five year marriage? Did you once accidentally get on a plane to Vegas when you were supposed to be going to Des Moines, and just went with it? (I was once on a plane to somewhere and when they came on the loudspeaker and were like, “this is flight 138 to Somewhere,” a woman a few rows up shrieked and ran off the plane.) Did you somehow end up on the poop cruise? (I hope to god none of you are on any coronavirus cruises.) Did you travel to Egypt, discover a tomb, and unleash a curse? Did you lose all your luggage for a wedding and end up dressing solely from the hotel gift shop?  REGALE US!