Welcome back, y’all! I hope everyone had a great end-of-year/New Year extravaganza — and if you missed any of our end of the year round-ups, you can catch up here. We also just had a great chat about our favorite books of the year, and New Year’s Resolutions.

This is a nice piece from Nate Davis at USA Today about the fans at the Bills v. Bengals game this week, where Damar Hamlin terrifyingly suffered cardiac arrest on the field. I just read that Hamlin is making excellent progress, which is a huge relief; the Bills’ medical team seemingly saved his life with their quick action. (This also makes me think I should brush up on my CPR training, which I last got in, like, high school.)

I don’t know why it’s SO funny to me that Ryan Seacrest keeps stirring up shit with Andy Cohen so much but it is. I am Team Andy on this one. Like, mind your own NYE event, Ryan!!!!! Let Andy and Anderson do whatever they want! [DListed]

I found this entire Lorenzo Lamas/Leonardo DiCaprio drama VERY AMUSING. (Also Leo seems so uptight about this stuff.) [Lainey]

THIS IS WILD: Indie Romance Author Susan Meachen Accused of Faking Her Suicide. [Daily Beast]

At The Hollywood Reporter: Golden Globes: What to Expect From This Year’s (Scaled-Back) Party Scene. We discussed the Globes in general here; it’s on Tuesday night of this upcoming week.

This is true, at Vox: The Cheesecake Factory knows what you want. I personally have long commended the Cheesecake Factory for offering a glass and a half of wine. That’s exactly what I want! I want more than one glass but not as much as two glasses! Being able to order a glass and half at TCF to accompany my giant salad after watching a movie at the mall is delightful every now and then! My local TCF has been crashed into (inadvertently) by SEVERAL cars! It’s an adventure! (That piece is super interesting.)

Speaking of dining LOGISTICS: The Choreography on the Ground That Puts Meals in the Sky. [NYT]

When I tell you how fast I clicked on THIS headline: LaKeith Stanfield’s secret mama drama. [Lainey]

Speaking of secrets: Ashley Olsen quietly married her boyfriend of six years, Louis Eisner, last week [Celebitchy]

A true service, from Serious Eats: Can You Stop Beans From Making You Fart? We Put 17 Methods to the Test

I might be obsessed with this Sezane sweater? [affiliate link]

Related, this faux leopard coat at Mango IS SO GOOD. I WANT IT. [affiliate link]

Speaking of, I also rounded up a variety of delights you might want to buy for yourself this week.

Interesting, at Vulture: This Could Be a Rough Year for the Podcast Industry.

At Vanity Fair: Gabrielle Union and Gina Prince-Bythewood on Exceeding Expectations, Even Their Own.

These lists are always fun: The Most Anticipated Books of 2023. [Pajiba]

I love it when T&C gets into Rich Art Shit, like here: What The $1.6 Billion Paul Allen Auction Means for the Art World 

I’ll read this later: What causes your brain to procrastinate and how to face it. [WaPo]

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