Happy New Year, Fug Nation! As I saw on a meme on Instagram this weekend, may 2023 be extremely dull for us all. No news is good news, so let’s all hope for very little news. Instead, let’s chat about our resolutions! I personally don’t make really resolution-resolutions any more, but I do sort of set myself a goal. We didn’t run this post in 2022, but I laughed when I read the 2021 version, where I noted that I was going to try to keep my office neater, because my goal for 2023 is — wait for it — keeping my office neater. Maybe this year, I’ll get it done! (I also noted that I wanted to “just hang in there,” which I guess I did.) What about you? Are you making any resolutions, or setting any goals — even tiny ones! The tiny ones are always the ones that work for me! — for 2023?

(Photo by Harold M. Lambert/Lambert/Getty Images)