The nice thing about a long weekend is that the following week is so short! Please enjoy the following as you kick off your weekend:

– This week’s Vanity Fair WHO WORE IT BEST pits Lady Gaga against Maleficent. TWO HORNED CREATURES ENTER. ONE HORNED CREATURE LEAVES.

Page Six has a report “from a spy inside the Kimye wedding” and said report is A TREASURE TROVE. Tidbits, but you must read the whole thing: “According to one Italian, ‘Their toilet was the star of the show.’ The Italians named it the Torre di Bagni Oro (translation: the Gold Toilet Tower),” and “Four days before the wedding, they ordered 30 life-size nudes to be made from black marble from Carrera,” and “Kanye returned one hour before the wedding and didn’t like the all-white bar that was in front of the Gold Toilet Tower. He took a saw and started sawing it in half himself” and…oh, god, I could just paste the entire thing. You have to read it. The spy deserves a Pulitzer. Okay, one more bit: “Kanye danced five songs alone with Kim to John Legend (playing the marble piano), with no one else on the dance floor, and light only on them. It felt like it went on forever. Kanye then gave a 45-minute toast to himself.”

This interview with Robert Morse about this most recent Mad Men finale is A DELIGHT. He is wonderful, and Jon Hamm comes off wonderfully as well. Spoilers, obviously, if you’re not caught up. (Vulture)

– Vulture also brings us The Complete Illustrated History of Ryan Gosling, From Child Star to Heartthrob to Movie Director. You’re welcome.

– This is a fab interview with ABT’s Misty Copeland: “At 31, she is a trailblazer: She’s the third black, female soloist ever to dance on ABT’s hallowed floorboards. In 2012, she became the first black dancer to perform the iconic role in Firebird for a major ballet company. Every season, it seems, she rewrites history. Tomorrow, she’ll dance part of Swanilda, the first female lead role in Coppélia at the Metropolitan Opera House. According to Copeland, she’ll be the first African-American woman ever to carry a full three-act ballet for an elite American ballet company.” (Ellle)

What the hell is happening in the promo shot for Night Shift? (Previously.TV)

– I love the People StyleWatch We Tried It series. This go-round: “Using a ‘Revolutionary’ Eyeliner in a Moving Car and Without a Mirror.” (Don’t worry, not while driving!)

– Thank you, Lucky: Attractive Men Made More Attractive With Sunglasses: A History.

LeVar Burton’s Kickstarter to reboot Reading Rainbow raised well over a million dollars in one day and it made him cry and it also made me cry.  YAY READING. (Pajiba)

–Speaking of reads, this essay about the first (known) female serial killer is a very good one. Also extremely violent and bloody and dramatic and possibly with overtones of vampirism and literal discussion of bathing in the blood of virgins. Maybe save this one for when they’re older, LeVar.  (The Hairpin)

– You will LOVE THIS: Are You In a Jane Austen Novel? One of the signs: “You once took a walk with a cad.” (The Toast)

The Wire runs down all the greatest music cues in Richard Curtis movies. I cannot overstress how much I love the “All By Myself” moment in Bridget Jones.

– These People magazine covers from the 90s are SO 90s and amazing. You are going to feel like you fell down a wormhole to 1991. You are going to see my entire sophomore year of high school in there. It’s amazing.  (Buzzfeed)

– Here’s the original prospectus for Disneyland, and it’s so interesting. (Boing Boing)

– Rumor has it that Uma and Quentin Tarantino are together — like TOGETHER — now, and the honest truth is that I sort of love it. Is that wrong? (Lainey)

Aw, Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood broke up. One couple makes it, another couple breaks it: the Hollywood Romance Equilibrium is in balance. (Celebitchy)