Have a blessed Solstice!

Can we interest you in some cute new pajamas?

How about some amazing Royal Ascot hats?

I loved this, at the New Yorker: The Secret Rebellion of Amelia Bedelia, the Bartleby of Domestic Work

At Lainey, I CANNOT WAIT for this new season of GLOW. It is SO good. As I said earlier this week, if you are looking for something to binge this summer — make it GLOW. Each season is pretty short and it moves fast. It is worth it!

Have you read this piece at Vanity Fair about the Greta Gerwig Little Women? YOU NEED TO READ IT. I am dying over this. I cannot wait. (Little Women is arguably my favorite book ever.)

Bravo to all this, at The Ringer: The Brilliance of Emma Thompson

This New York Times profile of Judge Judy is SO GOOD.

At Buzzfeed:  The Time I Went On A Lesbian Cruise And It Blew Up My Entire Life

Over at Pajiba: Watch Michelle Obama Hit Harry Styles In The Crotch With A Dodgeball

This is really good: There’s a Treasure Chest Worth Millions Hidden Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. These Searchers Are Dedicating Their Lives and Savings to Finding It. [Money]

The New York Times’s salute to Gloria Vanderbilt was interesting.

At Celebitchy, this is nice: Dwyane Wade on supporting his son at Pride: That’s my job

This woman is amazing: She’s 103 and Just Ran the 100-Meter Dash.  [The New York Times]

This is really good, at Elle: How Much for that Queerness in the Window?

And, finally, this is a treat: