Greetings, friends! Lots to talk about this week — from the shenanigans in the slideshow to ALL the stuff I covered this week, which was quite a lot:

The Order of the Garter ceremony was on Monday, and Queens Maxima and Letizia got out their hats and showed up for their husbands.

Maxima and W-A stuck around for Tuesday’s opening of Royal Ascot and her hat was SOMETHING ELSE. Also featuring a dress from Kate that I loved, but not everyone agreed.

The second day of Royal Ascot brought us much rain and Princess Anne looked DEEPLY SENSIBLE.

The third day of Royal Ascot was ROYAL JUMPSUIT DAY!

Do you want to admire some glorious Hats of Ascot?

Elsewhere around the internet:

This is an interesting piece at Lainey about a story People ran early this week, contrasting Bea and Euj’s upbringing with that of Wills and Harry. You KNOW I always enjoy a piece that blames Andrew for anything. (Just because the idea of Prince Andrew attempting to be scheme-y makes me laugh.)

At Town & Country, this was fun: Prince Charles Just Met with Daniel Craig and Ralph Fiennes on the James Bond Set

Also fun, also at T&C, and highly arguable: The 50 Greatest Gowns Ever Worn by a Royal

As People reports — and as I saw on the Marshmallow Baron’s Instagramsomeone stole the Marshmallow Baron’s VERY distinctive dog bike!

At Vanity Fair: How the Queen’s 100 Color-Coordinated Umbrellas Became an Essential Wardrobe Staple

Tatler brings us: Royal Ascot Throwback: Every picture of Princess Diana at Royal Ascot

And, on royal social media watch:

Aw, happy birthday, Wills!

This is awfully cute, too:

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a photo of Wills with his Uncle Andy as a kid. It’s sweet! (The Sussexes didn’t do a Happy Birthday post to Wills as of my writing this, which…I don’t like to read too much into Instagram shenanigans in general, because for all we know they’re spending all weekend together diving into a vat of Pimms, but given the rumors that they’ve been having issues, it might have been prudent optics to post something.)

Phil looks good!

I’m pleased the KP account chose a shot from Monday where it looks like Wills is trying really, really hard not to laugh:

This is neat!


Aw, Prince Oscar!


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