Life is so empty and meaningless without the Olympics. Maybe these will fill the hole in your life where Costas used to be:

– Oops: Michael Phelps’ leaked Louis Vuitton photos — in which they are letting him be scruffy (boo) but have him wearing a Speedo (hooray; we’re even) — might get him in trouble with the IOC, which could lead to him being stripped of his medals. It’s not LIKELY, perhaps? We hope? But screwier things have happened. Our fantasy is that Rowdy Gaines leaked it so that Phelps will have to come back for Rio in order to get his medal haul back up again, and thus Rowdy won’t have to say goodbye yet. (SF Gate and ABC News)

– For their redesign/relaunch, The Cut was on a roll: They had a fun piece on history’s most scandalous dresses (everything from Elizabeth Hurley’s safety pins to Wallis Simpson to Mary Quant), and some funky, beautiful backstage and runway photography from Fashion Month. This one of Marc Jacobs should go on his office door, and this one is just fabulous. We are also lurking in one of the other ones. Don’t tell. (The Cut)

– I like (as always) Kim France’s take on Helen Gurley Brown. (Girls of a Certain Age)

– Mountain Dew lets the Internet name a new product, lives to regret it. The article also includes possibly my favorite sentence ever: “The funniest example of an online poll going wrong is probably the ‘Fred Durst Society of the Humanities and Arts’ – currently leading the pack for the city-sponsored renaming of the Austin, Tex. Solid Waste Services Department.” (Time)

– In order to help you get over the fact that, despite recent rumors, Mulder and Scully might NOT actually be doing it, here’s a supercut of every time Scully says “oh my god” in The X-Files. My favorite is of course the one where she and Moronica are in the car driving off into the middle of nowhere so Scully can deliver her AlienMiracleBaby to the sound of whale music. (I09)

– Mysterious mansions are being built in parts of Russians, and some Russians are none-too-pleased about them. (Daily Beast)

This is an interesting read about basketball wives – the actual wives of a variety of ballers, I mean, not the show Basketball Wives. (The Cut)

– Predicting the bestsellers list next year. (Not really. But I’d read that Dr. Oz Semi-Colon book.) (Hello Giggles)

– These photos of abandoned Olympics venues are pretty amazing.  And melancholy. (Flavorwire)

– Someone sent us this link to a photo of Young Karl Lagerfeld, and it WILL blow your mind. He looks like he’s about to go walk a tightrope, or perhaps ride a velocipede. (Hot Guys On My Dashboard)

- For those of you who can’t get enough Kate Middleton, check out The Duchess Diary. (Socialite Life)

– I love Jennifer Garner for admitting that she always looks “like [she’s] wearing the first thing [she] could find.” (Celebitchy)

– We would go pose with this David Beckham In His Skivvies statue, but we got a mini-replica in the mail and are too busy taking pictures of it posing with random things in the house. (Refinery29)

– It IS true that Cosmo cover girls are skewing younger and younger — or at least appearing to — and this invites the question of whether that’s ooky for a magazine that’s ALSO constantly screaming at you about what you’re doing with your vagina and/or how you should be doing it. (Refinery29)