Jordin here is so lovely.

And thus I want better for her, I think, than a Bride of Hollywood gown that pinches and mangles her chest. Granted, in spite of all that she herself still looks cute and happy, but… man, I just keep wanting someone to send her left breast an apology letter.

Or maybe it was just the way she posed:

Now it’s the other side getting the threat of numbness.

Jeepers, and now it’s both? Is that sucker more a plaster cast than a dress? I wish someone had tested that out with her before she hit the red carpet, because it’s a big night for her, and I’m sad that I spent this whole time so distracted by sympathy mammary pains.

Does it bother you?

  • Yes. Ouch! (41%, 1,651 Votes)
  • Yes, but for other reasons -- I'm just not wild about the dress in general (15%, 590 Votes)
  • No! She looks great! (29%, 1,152 Votes)
  • Hey, fashion is pain, lady. (15%, 613 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,008

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