Thanks for sticking with us through a technologically frustrating week here at GFY — I know it’s been annoying, and we truly appreciate all your patience and good vibes as we deal with all these crazy server issues. They’re still sort of in play, but the final kinks ought to be worked out soon, if any remain. While we wait:

– Ever since Heather pointed out that she thinks Allison Williams as Peter Pan looks like Armie Hammer, that’s all I can see. (Lainey)

– Need I say more than: Sandwiches: Ranked? (Gawker)

Hot male models? Don’t mind if I do. (Socialite Life)

– History Extra has just republished something I think you will enjoy: A time traveller’s guide to medieval shopping.

– YOU GUYS: An oral history of Party of Five. (Vulture)

– More brilliance at Vulture: Let’s Discuss the Totally Bananas Fifth Season of Beverly Hills, 90210. Via its soundtrack.

– Look at this awesome literary map of London! (i100)

– It’s the evolution of the naked dress, thanks to Elle.

– Thanks, Buzzfeed: 19 Inconceivable Facts About The Making Of “The Princess Bride”

– Pajiba wonders whatever happened to the cast of Ed. Well, one of them is making crazy money on Modern Family.

– This headline is my everything:  Gwyneth Paltrow could have starred in Vanilla Ice’s ‘Cool As Ice’ (!!) (Celebitchy)

– Julie Klausner’s remembrance of working with Joan Rivers is wonderful. (Vulture)

– And The Cut has an AMAZING slideshow of her fashion highs and LOWS. JOAN. What were you thinking?!