My fondness for Hayley Atwell is well documented — after all, I wouldn’t let JUST ANYONE star in my fictional mini-series about extremely good-looking English people having Romantical Problems/Possibly Time-Traveling during Olden Times. But that doesn’t mean I can’t pull her aside from time to time and say, “Darling, you’re GORGEOUS! No, no — you know it’s true! But what on earth are you wearing? It’s terribly terribly dreadful, pet. Just simply beyond. You look like you’re wearing full-body Spanx without whatever was supposed to go on top of the Spanx, don’t you see? Oh, darling, honestly, don’t cry. Come into the drawing room and I’ll fix you a perfectly lovely gin and tonic. We’ll manage somehow. Maybe we can toss one of the tapestries over you! Nothing shall ruin this country house weekend! Not even MURDER!”

[Photos: WENN]