We’re so thrilled to announce the winners of last week’s MESSY giveaway! (And in case you missed our blaring announcement, we have a new novel coming out, and we’re stoked.)

The task was to compose an acrostic of the word MESSY, with the subject of the poem being the Hollywood star who has the messiest closet/personal life/car/yacht/career, with extra points awarded for originality. It was REALLY hard to narrow this down to three — you guys really turned it out this week. Regardless: CHOICES WERE MADE. Please meet your three winners!


Ode to Pamela Anderson

Magician Hans Klok couldn’t banish her woes
Even with Kid Rock, it kept coming to blows
Slippery Rick Salomon was not meant to be
She did learn a lesson from old Tommy Lee:
Yesterday’s love is today’s hepatitis C


Mad eyes
Evil leer
Staggeringly bad roles:
Says Nic Cage,
You know I only buy all those castles and stuff to compensate for my hair. What the hell, hair? Why do you look like that?”


Yelped the cast of Gossip Girl trapped in Penn Badgley’s hair

Congrats to the winners, and please check your e-mail so we can get you those copies of Messy!

Thanks to all of you who entered. If you want another shot at an early peek and you live in or near Los Angeles, please consider coming to visit us at the Festival of Books on Sunday. We’re doing a panel at 1:30 and we’re giving ARCs of Messy to the first three people in line at both our signings. Here is our original post about that. We hope to see you/meet you there! Even if we have already met you.