Remember when Sandra Bullock showed up at the Oscars looking for all the world like she belonged on-stage holding the little gleaming gold man? I think Hilary Swank is trying to do her one better

Conviction - Premiere: 54th BFI London Film Festival
Her movie isn’t nominated yet, and neither is she, but it sure seems like Hil here wants to put the image of Oscar in people’s heads by swaddling herself in fabric made of his leg shavings. That, or all this aggressive body-squeezing faux-metal is an attempt to make a statement about being held hostage by awards season and all its meaningless frippery. But I bet it’s the first one, because her other two Oscars can’t have a very interesting or soapy life if there’s not a third for their love triangle/kinky threesomes/Mario Kart tournaments.