I had no idea Minnie Driver was even in Conviction – or still doing much acting at all — until she started attending all the premieres and associated hoopla. 

Conviction - Premiere: 54th BFI London Film Festival
At first, I didn’t think I liked this because I’m not sure the belts serve their intended purpose very smoothly. But the more I look at it, the less I mind, because the color is vivid and pretty and I rather like the neckpiece — without it, I think this would’ve been about as boring as the first hundred pages of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Minnie didn’t keep this look all night, though; for the after-party, she picked this:

Conviction - Afterparty: 54th BFI London Film Festival

Not bad, but the overlay reminds me of making cheesy slideshows on my computer and using the checkerboard effect as a transition (you know, because you can only do so many star wipes). And I always wonder if shoes like that chafe terribly. I have this utilitarian pair of black 3″ thick-heeled boots that come about a third of the way up my calf, and I used to wear them in college under jeans, to tromp from class to class but still get a little added height. But if I didn’t secretly pull up my sock and fold it over the top of the boot, it rubbed my skin and gave me either a scrape or a blister. Am I the only one in the world with shins that are delicate little flowers? Because all I think of when I see shoes like Minnie’s is the image of me putting a Band-Aid on my shin after walking back from my philosophy seminar.