Ah, Boobs Leglsy, I knew Blake’s brain couldn’t keep you repressed for long:

Spike TV's
It’s as though she has a split personality and one of the identities is governed by her thighs, which are pathologically unable to endure the kiss of fabric against them without an exit strategy in place. I’m almost surprised the skirt doesn’t come rigged with an alarm and a fire escape. 
However, it did come rigged with that harness:

Spike TV's

[Photo: FlynetOnline.com]

What IS that? From the waist up she looks like a Hunger Games competitor: odd yet possibly practical neoprene tank top/wetsuit, a harness for tying herself into the highest tree, and a dragonfly totem that reminds her of, I don’t know, her district’s thriving and vital fly-swatter manufacturing plant. Maybe this is her bid to play Katniss Everdeen. I’m pretty sure that won’t work, though, if for no other reasons than a) it would be really weird to see Serena Van Der Woodsen in a fight to the death that didn’t involve hair-pulling and stilettos; and b) there’s no way Boobs’ gams would withstand wearing the sheer quantity of pants Katniss does without rebelling and killing her themselves.
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