When we saw this dress on Morena Baccarin during the SAG Awards weekend, I thought that it was kind of cute, yet maybe kind of cutesy and young for her. So along comes very cute and young Sarah Hyland wearing the same thing:

Sarah, unfortunately, lost the war on skirt wrinkles. She also picked silver pumps instead of the black ones Morena wore; I prefer the metallics in theory, but in execution those contribute a bit to what Jessica called “the uniform on the cutest carhop at the burger joint,” if you replace the last couple words with “cutest peanut-slinger NOT A EUPHEMISM at the Playboy Family Circus.” But while this whole thing feels more age- and style-appropriate for Sarah, her hair looks like she sped over in a convertible and she seems stiff and a little uncomfortable, so maybe Morena — on whom the fit also looked crisper — should have the edge. It’s a toughie. Warm up your voting fingers for next week’s Fug Madness and let’s get judgy.


  • Morena (71%, 2,782 Votes)
  • Sarah (29%, 1,145 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,928

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[Photo: Getty]