So, after a couple of disappointing and underwhelming episodes, Hart of Dixie nailed its season finale. SO MUCH FINALLY HAPPENED. In a nutshell: George told Lemon an hour before the wedding that he couldn’t marry her (after spending all day organizing moving the wedding from the town square inside, due to a crazy storm), and she responded by punching him in the face. Hot Neighbor Wade was extra hot and extremely neighborly, as he and Zoe decided they needed to Do It in order to get along properly (because sexual tension is what was causing all of their interpersonal issues, they claim. Whatever you say, you two). So they do. And as they’re all being post-coitally adorbs, a knock comes at the door of Zoe’s shack. Lo, it is George, who tells her he called off the wedding, kisses her, and skips off into the rain. LOVE TRIANGLE FULLY LOADED.

Also: I think Brick has the hots for one of George’s cousins (age-appropriate cousins, not like some twentysomething hussy), and Annabeth seems to have the hots for Lavon which FINALLY HELLO.

Let’s look at the outfits, and by “outfits,” I mean a lot of wedding dresses and shirtless HNW YOU ARE WELCOME.