This show is too cute for its own good; it is, in fact, so cute that it overcomes the fact that it is kind of terrible, also. It’s just CHARMING.  This week, there were not a lot of costume changes, but those that we did have DID include a variety of eye-patches. That’s right: It turns out that Bluebell celebrates PLANKSGIVING in the place of Thanksgiving, a holiday in which everyone in town dresses like a pirate and has a fish fry as recognition of a time when pirates came to town (!) to save them after a hurricane wiped out their turkey dinner (or something). In addition to being an excuse to give Mayor Lavon Hayes a sword, we learn the following during this blessed holiday season: Jason Street’s parents are PURE EVIL; there’s a Big Box store coming to town that may ruin them all; Mayor Lavon Hayes is well aware of the fact that Hot Neighbor Wade is SUPER in love with Rachel Bilson and tries to get him to profess his love to her, but a series of events, of course, prevents this confession; Rachel Bilson barely manages to eke out thirty percent of the practice, so Tim Matheson can’t yet buy her out; and we all learn that it’s important to Help One’s Neighbor In Times of Need. Plus, that pirates are awesome.*

*PS: I have no idea why the first slide is showing up upside down here. It’s normal inside, I promise.