So, as I may have let slip yesterday, I recently fell down a How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days rabbit hole. And I’ve concluded that a) it’s really not a good movie, although also eminently watchable; b) some of the McConaughey parts are incredibly sexist (like referring to his two female colleagues as Lips and Hips); and c) if Kate Hudson’s alleged spring 2010 boob job DID actually happen, it’s too bad she felt she had to go there because she was perfectly lovely when she rocked the A-cups. I know she’s post-pregnancy now, but some of that cleavage did appear seemingly at random way back then, and although it’s none of my business I do sort of think it’s a shame. It was refreshing that she wasn’t your typical boobalicious over-tanned blonde bombshell. And her hair, back then? HER OWN. I know.  I mean, it might be now, too, but back then it was untamed and occasionally windblown and downright crispy in a few shots. She was rootably adorable because she wasn’t obvious. Of course, back then, she was in more likable movies than Bride Wars or Something Borrowed (although she’s actually quite funny in that one) or Alex & Emma or Fool’s Gold or You, Me, and Dupree. So maybe she just needs a new agent, and I’ll stop worrying about her chest and start paying to go see her in theaters.

First, the gold dress:

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And now the black:

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