This week, on Hart of Dixie: there was a heat wave that was just an excuse for people to take their shirts off, and which those hot people used as an excuse to try to talk Rachel Bilson into sleeping with her hot Hot Neighbor, Wade. (She didn’t, but only because the heat wave broke just as they were about to go at it.) In other plot lines: the Mayor and Lemon Had Issues (if any of you can explain why they’re not actually dating, despite the fact that they’re crazy about each other, and her parents seem to love him, please do so in the comments); Rachel Bilson and Tim Matheson continued Working Together Despite Having Personal Conflict in the Medical Procedural of the Week (a nutty lady turned out to be nuts because her car was poisoning her, which is going to be my excuse the next time I want to hit someone in the head with my purse); and Rachel Bilson finally seemed like she knew what she was talking about when she said Doctor-y Things. Over all: this show isn’t particularly good, but it is incredibly charming. I actually laughed out loud at least twice. Oh, CW. You are irresistible sometimes. Let’s see what everyone wore!