I feel like we are seeing a bit of a sartorial push-pull here with Intern George and his newest lady.

This seems like Stacy Keibler’s own choice — a little daring, encouraging staring — and Intern George seems about two seconds away from hugging her straight back into the limo and home to change. It feels like something you’d see in the section of the Victoria’s Secret catalog where they try to convince you that they also make clothes, and that you really need a dress that is also a bathing suit. So I feel like it can’t be an accident that she showed up at the next Descendants event thusly clad:

It seems VERY Intern George — I mean, pop off her head and stick on Elisabetta Canalis’s, or Sarah Larson’s, and it would be right — and it also appears to be at LEAST one size too big, as if he has a closet at home that he has an assistant stock with emergency fashion rations for exactly these inconvenient girlfriend occasions.  You know, just stuff ‘em in an empire waisted strapless drapey whatchamahoozit and nobody gets hurt. Oh, George. At LEAST build another closet that has a good tailor in it.

[Photo: WENN]