Okay! We learned a lot this week on Hart of Dixie. For one thing, it turns out that Lemon and Mayor Lavon Hayes only, like, basically just met LAST YEAR. I seriously thought he’d gone to high school in Bluebell and thus had known them from Way Back in the Day, but I guess not. We also learned that everyone in THAT particular love triangle — Lemon, Lavon, and Jason Street — has decided to SUFFER, because Lavon totally shuts Lemon down when she comes to his house in tears. See, he overheard Jason Street basically say that the two of them are getting married NO MATTER WHAT and I guess Mayor Lavon Hayes believes in Bros Before Hos. Or, I dunno, not ruining his friend’s relationship. ANYWAY, it’s SO angsty, you guys, especially for a show that featured a Miss Cinnamon Cider pageant this week.  I really want Lavon and Lemon to get together, but I also kind of want Rachel Bilson to hook up with Hot Neighbor Wade, and that leaves Jason Street ALONE and we simply can’t have that — even if, as Lemon tells Rachel Bilson, “Bluebell has a long history of dignified spinsters.” AND THERE’S MORE: We also learned that Lemon’s Absentee Mom is a) just living 30 miles over WITH A WHOLE NEW FAMILY and is also b) Dawson’s Creek’s Andie McPhee. And while I am glad to see Meredith Monroe getting work, she’s only 42 and therefore only TEN YEARS OLDER than Jaime King. Let’s look at what they all wore.