Here’s the thing: Julianne Hough doesn’t look BAD here.

In fact, I’ll wager Anne Hathaway just ran to her closet to see if something got stolen from it, because this is totally something she would have worn (and it also makes it look like she wants you to think she is the one in My Week With Marilyn, as if the Academy will accidentally nominate her instead). But although Anne might be able to give it a little more oomph, my problem would likely be the same: It verges on dowdy. It’s pretty, it’s got some sparkle, but it’s boxy and shapeless. Julianne is 23. She is also one of the only 23-year olds in Hollywood who would rather look 33. Or 43. (Isn’t it usually the reverse?) Girl, you were in Footloose. I don’t care if you’re dating a guy who was turning 21 when you were in second grade; be a LITTLE bit fancy-free.


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