I decided when looking at this pic that 10 years from now we will all be surprised that Jessica Biel tried to make Jessica Biel: Movie Star happen for SO LONG:

She is undoubtedly very, very pretty but she’s kind of a charisma vacuum and I have never witnessed a performance of hers that went beyond “passable.” So it’s kind of amazing to me that she is still getting hired to do stuff.  Sure, it’s not good stuff, but still. It’s still stuff.  Stuff that sends her to Germany to stand on a rooftop and look pretty. Or, pretty-ish. I was basically on board with this dress until I noticed that it might be a skirt and crop top, and then I started feeling so very very tired.

I'm going to lie down while you tell me how to feel:

  • It's FINE. I'm BORED. (63%, 5,798 Votes)
  • It's GORGEOUS. I'm ENRAPTURED. (13%, 1,213 Votes)
  • It's HIDEOUS. I'm VOMITING. (24%, 2,192 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,205

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