I find is somewhat hilarious that Pippa’s been TOTALLY AWOL until…the day after the Olympics. I like to think that at some point in mid-June, Princess Anne and Camilla burst into Pippa’s apartment (wearing rubber masks in the likeness of the Queen) and shoved her into a laundry bag, which they then dragged to Camilla’s royal apartments,  where they proceeded to lock Pips in the coat closet until the end of the Closing Ceremony. “You are NOT going to ruin the Olympics for us with any kind of stupid shenanigans,” they said in unison as they locked the closet and positioned a flesh-hungry Doberman outside its door.

But eventually they had to let her out:

I kind of feel like she pulled this outfit together with random stuff she found in the back of said closet, though. Girlfriend, you could have gone home first.