Condola is just ridiculously arresting. Well, not ridiculous; her mother is, after all, Clair Huxtable. And as much as The Cosby Show is now a very different, difficult memory, you still can’t deny that Clair was awesome: tough, smart, funny, and gorgeous, without the now-tired trope of also being messy and neurotic, all of which was  big example to set in the ’80s. (As it is now. There is nothing wrong with being messy and neurotic — aren’t we all, a little? — but too often TV shows and movies present it as a surprise that a woman can be those things and still be accomplished, or that those qualities somehow diminish her human usefulness and/or professional achievements.) Also, Clair could STARE YOU DOWN. I think Condola got a lot of that from Phylicia.

I wish she had gotten a better dress in the bargain. I actually think that overlay is quite lovely, but not only does it need lining; it could use a better piece under it. Even if you don’t mind the sheers, this seems particularly as if they are not one with each other, but genuinely just a very expensive shower curtain thrown over a tiny and tight slip. That magnificent head deserves better.

[Photo: Getty]