I know she supposedly sang at this party, but this feels like a LOT for a ‘do in The Hamptons.

And by a lot, I also clearly mean, “very little.” I mean, if THIS is what she’s wearing to a house party, what in Bey’s name does she have planned for the VMAs? WHAT’S LEFT, CIARA?

Even J.Lo pulled it together:

Apollo in the Hamptons 2016: Hosted by Ronald O. Perelman

AND BROUGHT A PIE. She is wearing a total normal outfit, with a totally normal purse, and a totally normal smile and ponytail and pumps, AND IS CARRYING DESSERT. “What, this old thing?” she is saying. “I am the Martha Stewart of Puff Dummy’s ex-girlfriends. I bake pies with one eye open while doing squats. The Great British Baking Show is based on my house.”

Oh, Ciara. I promise you, if Jennifer Lopez is showing up at this thing bearing baked goods and only the tiniest hint of sideboob, you have misread your invitation.

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