I admit, when I got an email early this morning informing me that Priyanka Chopra wore a “lace trimmed romper” to this premiere, the cold and icy hand of terror snaked into my chest to grasp my heart. “Oh no, Priyanka,” I said to my phone as I laid in bed and read my emails to the dulcet tones of the leaf blower going insane outside my window. So I don’t know if this is truly Not That Bad, or just Not As Bad As Anticipated. It’s cute from the side, which is often where the romper lets a woman down:

Also, do not ask me where the lace IS on this trimmed romper. You can barely even tell it IS a romper, which brings me back to my days as a Young when I would glide over to what I thought was a cute dress at Contempo, only find that it was a romper. (I wore my share of rompers in the 90s, Young Readers. Don’t think I don’t understand The Lure of The Romper. I do. Believe me. I do. I often wore mine with a kicky hat, and Docs, because it was 1994 and that’s WHAT YOUNGS DID.)

It’s downright monastic from the front:

A far cry from other rompers, which have a tendency to be more Monistat-ic. I may be able to live with this one.

[Photos: Getty Images]