I’ve got a present for those of you who are… what are his fans calling themselves, do we think? Let’s see… Malikes? No. Rami Noodles. That’s clearly it. I think I’ve done my worst possible work there, don’t you? Anyway, this is for all you lovers out there. (Cue “Earth Angel,” and if you don’t know the movie reference, please hop in a DeLorean and speed back to 1985 and get thee to a cineplex.)

Rami is never boring. I enjoy his kicky taste in shirts in particular, and while the shoes look a little wonkus with this — somehow light shoe plus dark suit make his feet look larger than I would have expected? — I am on the whole pleased to see a young gent in Hollywood treating an event as sartorially seriously as his female co-invitees usually do. He does not phone it in, for which I’m grateful. I’m not as thankful for Mr. Robot itself, which I can’t seem to escape, because the husband watches and it permeates my consciousness while I’m working on the couch next to him. I just… I didn’t like it, then I was bored by it, then I really didn’t like it, and THEN the ongoing critical raves seemed to mystifying to me that I think my distaste fed on them in reverse and it all escalated into Blood-Boiling Ugh. So I find Rami’s wardrobe to be a soothing antidote to all that. Mr. Robot fans, how are you digging season two? Warning: Spoilers may ensue for all episodes that have already aired in the U.S.

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