Well. 2016 sure has been interesting. But in a time of upheaval, one thing remains true: Fug Nation loves abs, Downton Abbey, Michelle Obama, crotchtacular awards shows, worst-dressed lists, more abs, and the prospect of Wills and Kate making out. With no further ado, I invite you to explore the top ten most popular posts of the year, presented in no particular order:


1. In which President and Mrs Obama welcome the Trudeaus to the White House, and Michelle looks FANTASTIC


2. In which we look back at five years of marriage for Prince William and the erstwhile Kate Middleton. So much gazing!


3. In which we take a look back at the 2006 Academy Awards red carpet. Be still my heart, that yellow Vera Wang is still absolute perfection.


4. In which we said a fond farewell to the residents of Downton Abbey. (Sidebar: Would you read recaps of classic Downton episodes? Please let us know.)


5. In which we all learned a lot about how much stock Chrissy Teigen owns in double-sided tape. (Spoiler: A LOT.)


6. In which we take a look back at Blake Lively’s style evolution, from Boobs to Legsly.


7. 2016 was terrible in many ways, but it did give us the Summer Olympics, and with them, the Parade of Nations and Tonga’s very very handsome flag bearer.


8. In which we examine the worst looks of the 2016 Oscars, many of which you will have forgotten in the intervening months and will, therefore, horrify you anew.


9. In which we all went to Coachella and made confused faces about the kids these days.


10. And, finally, I told you there would be swimmers’ abs.