When you begin to despair of the fashions of today, sometimes it’s fun to hop in the DeLorean and see what ills were perpetrated in the past, to remind you that it wasn’t so dreamy then, either. Wait, that’s depressing: “It’s always been bad!” There was, as with today, plenty of good as well. In fact, in digging around for this, I remembered that the 2006 Academy Awards brought SO MUCH stuff: It was the rebirth of pockets in gowns; it featured couples who are no longer together (RIP Heath Ledger); and it was the height of Bai Ling and Paris Hilton. It might ALSO have been the birth of the Sheers, courtesy of Stephanie Seymour. Bless you, 2006. #neverforget

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]