We’re hurtling into Oscars weekend, and Rachel McAdams has a fresh new hair color for the affair:

I prefer her with more warmth around her face. That blond is too platinum on her, I think. Maybe she’ll take it down a little for Sunday and this was just an aggressive zapping of the roots. (I say that like I have any idea if that’s what people do. I have never gone platinum. Top Model taught me that it looks painful.) As for the dress: That basic tank looks sensational on her, and in that color. But then you add the open-shoulder sleeves and a bonus ruffle, and it starts to feel like making a frittata out of every leftover in your fridge regardless of whether it would taste better if you just stuck to spinach and peppers. I’m not saying this wouldn’t have been a little boring in that unembellished form, but I DO think we’d all be solely saying, “Holy cats, HER BOD,” rather than, “Her bod looks great but what’s with the jazzercise sleeves and the built-in gym towel?”

[Photo: Getty]