(a) I love Chrissy. She’s smart and sassy on Twitter (and, I suspect, in life), and — as you guys know — her cookbook, Cravings, is literally my favorite cookbook of the year. It is good. Not just, like, “good for a celeb.” Legit good.

(b) I feel like Chrissy may have worn so very many many bracelets to distract me from the fact that her dress is flirting with major wardrobe malfunction disaster. Chrissy. I am stressed about the world right now. I do not have the emotional wherewithal to worry about what a gust of wind might do to you! I appreciate your attempt to appease me with jewelry, but I’M CONCERNED!

(c) There has to be a leotard-underpinning situation happening here, right? Secretly? Chrissy is not a person who would risk flashing her lady garden to the world and I trust that her junk is wrangled. BUT HOW. I am a fan of logistics. I need to know how this works. FOR MY OWN PEACE OF MIND.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]