First, a note about the new slideshows: I personally think it’s groovy the way the captions rise up and down over the photo, but there is a decent workaround if that doesn’t gel for you. Use the little “i” button to the right instead of scrolling, because it toggles the caption on and off instantly, therefore letting you go back and forth between reading, viewing the photo, reading again, etc. Try that and see. I promise we didn’t change it for the hell of it. Due to template and boring other technical/coding reasons, we only had a couple choices: This way, or running the whole thing below the photo — meaning you can’t see the pic concurrently at ALL — or running it to the right but in a very small frame that only showed a few short lines at a time, and with a scroll bar, which is something I’ve seen on other sites and I personally dislike (especially with captions as long as ours, like on recaps). So we chose this because it attempts to bridge all those concerns. Give the workaround a shot when the caption is long, and see if it helps! PS: If you can’t see the pics at all, and you’re using Chrome, and running an AdBlocker, try turning off the AdBlocker — which would make us happy anyway! — as it’s causing issues at the moment.

In addition to her American Music Awards appearance, Hailee has been hitting the trail for Edge of Seventeen, so we’ve got a few outfits to catch up on here. Please note that she doesn’t seem tired. I would say that’s the part of being young that I miss, but honestly, I don’t remember having boundless energy or bagless eyes then EITHER.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty]