I have good news! Looking at the sales data from our shopping posts is always very interesting, and sometimes you can sort of tell when….stuff is happening. Like, for example, for a while y’all were buying a lot of sweats. (I am part of “y’all” there, also, obviously.) There were several months where it was pretty clear that people were GOING THROUGH IT. And while we’re still going through it, it does seem like more of us are going through it outside again. Which is good! Let’s look at the top ten items that Fug Nation wore in February. (A note on methodology. Our post about cute animal jewelry was very popular, but because a lot of those were one-offs, it was hard to interpret that data in the same way as I do data from somewhere like J.Crew. There can only be a finite number of purchases if something is one-of-a-kind! But you guys definitely clicked through to admire and buy a lot of vintage animal jewelry, which makes me very happy. I hope you’re wearing your Brachiosaurus brooch in good health!)


10. Several of you treated yourself (or someone you love) to these cute cubic zirconia heart stud earrings.

9. I love how many of you bought these very fun wide-legged patterned pants.

8. This Madewell bucket bag was very popular. I love how low-key it is.

7. The Old Navy pixie pant has MAJOR STAYING POWER.

6. This green tote from Anthropologie went home with several of you!

5. These cute polka dot trousers from J.Crew factory got a lot of play.

4. Yes, we are still buying sweatshirts, like these from Target.

3. The leopard print version of this coat was very popular; that print is sold out now!

2. You guys were VERY into this houndstooth coat from Nordstrom.

1. And, finally, our number one bestseller in February was this (surely beautifully fragrant) rosemary and lavender wreath. (The wreaths from this Etsy shop always sell really well in Fug Nation. We love wreaths! I am OBSESSED with this one.)

Finally, I am taking requests for shopping posts as we head into spring! What are you in the market for?

Like most websites, GFY uses affiliate links where available, which means we earn a little money if you click through and buy something. We can assure you that all items were personally chosen while we sat around drinking diet Coke and watching the new Law & Order. Thank you for supporting us! If you want to catch up with all of our shopping posts, you can read them here