Informative Caption said, “Megan Fox Channels Euphoria Style Trend in KNWLS Gingham Corset Top and Flowy Patterned Pants,” and I love the idea of this photographer sitting at his email, about to send this in to the photo license folks, and thinking, “hmmmm, how do I describe this one? I know! EUPHORIA!” (This particular photog writes my favorite Informative Captions because they’re always very descriptive and sometimes they are [intentionally] funny. He had a whole profile in Vogue last summer! He snaps Megan a lot.) I personally cannot say whether or not this is Euphoria-esque, because I do not watch it (I KNOW but it seemed too emotionally intense for me to tackle when it first came out; I didn’t think I could handle Zendaya having so many problems when I was myself very depressed!), but I CAN confirm that it is giving me feelings of euphoria because it is so wacky. It is, like, re-defining the definition of the sleeve as a concept. It is attempting to reinvent the shirt from the basic construction on up! It’s covered with…tiny squirrels???? It’s making me feel alive again!

[Photo by Diggzy/Shutterstock]


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